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"Happy pills can give you digestive problems and make you MORE depressed"
「消化器に異常を起こし、さらなるウツを引き起こすハッピー・ピル (抗うつ薬)」

● But the new research, published in the journal Frontiers In Evolutionary Psychology, points out that serotonin is like a chemical Swiss Army knife, performing a very wide range of jobs in the brain and body.
(しかし、"Frontiers In Evolutionary Psychology"誌に発表された新たな研究では、セロトニンは化学物質のスイス・アーミーナイフのようなもので、脳や体でさまざまな働きをしていることを指摘。)

And when we start deliberately altering serotonin levels, it may cause a wide range of unwanted effects.

These can include digestive problems, sexual difficulties and even strokes and premature deaths in older people, according to the study’s lead researcher Paul Andrews.

● Moreover, he warns that antidepressants can disrupt all the physical processes that are normally regulated by serotonin, adding that animal studies show only about 5??per cent of the body’s serotonin resides in the brain. Most is housed in the gut.

● So a drug that interferes with serotonin may cause developmental problems in infants, problems with sexual stimulation and sperm development in adults, digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion and bloating, and abnormal bleeding and stroke in the elderly.

◎ What should be sure is that the days of doctors habitually prescribing SSRIs to all and sundry on the basis that they might work, and won’t do any harm anyway, really should be behind us.
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  2. モノアミンと向精神薬
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